About the Work

Vanessa Shares Her Message of Unity With a Global Community...

"It is essential to have mercy on this journey: mercy for ourselves, mercy for others...mercy on our shared condition as human beings, that we are subject to the sense of separation, subject to forgetting, subject to thinking that we are absolutely separate from nature. Mercy for the innocence of ignorance. If we can find the mercy for it – and see how it is actually an integral part of Nature’s way of evolution, of healing, of realization – then we can perhaps offer mercy in our world."

Vanessa shares her message of essential unity within a global community through public speaking, residential retreats, immersion experiences, apprenticeship programs, international service missions, private sessions, inspired writing, photography, visionary consulting, and a myriad of other avenues.

The wisdom of this work is in waking to a deeper, more purposeful life. Events with Vanessa are a celebration of remembrance, recognition and gratitude. Her guidance, compassionate listening and unwavering devotion support all beings in having direct contact with what is real and alive at the heart of all matter.

Opportunities to study with Vanessa are offered throughout the year. All gatherings are potent invitations to awaken the heart to a deeply reverential awareness of the gift of life, strengthening roots in the One Relationship.

To learn more about the ways Vanessa shares her message and work, visit our Teaching Offerings page. See our Calendar for a complete listing of upcoming events with Vanessa. Go to our Media Offerings page if you would like to explore samples of Vanessa's message in audio, video and writing. To purchase Vanessa's book, self study courses, or full recordings of talks, please visit our Store.