About Vanessa

"Nothing is more phenomenal than the life you are being offered. What would it mean to fully receive the gift of your life, exactly as it is today...to deeply know that your life is the perfect prescription for your soul. It is the end of survival, and the beginning of living...becoming fully alive...thriving. You are a quality this world needs. Come alive."

Vanessa Stone serves as a dynamic teacher, inspired humanitarian leader, passionate speaker, transformational facilitator, powerful mentor, and visionary founder of humanitarian service organizations and projects.

Vanessa has devoted her life to humanitarian service and sharing her message of essential unity and engaged spirituality. She travels the world serving a global community, inspiring individuals and communities to unite in peace and loving service.

Vanessa has deeply touched the lives of many through her direct guidance, compassionate listening and unwavering devotion. She shares her message through private sessions, public sittings, silent retreats, residential immersions, and international service missions.

In 2002 Vanessa founded the Amala Foundation, which works to create a peaceful, equitable and compassionate world by unifying communities in service, inspiring youth to lead with a heart-centered global perspective, and living in recognition that sustainable peace begins within.

The Amala Foundation has successfully initiated a wide range of humanitarian projects, including the Global Youth Peace Summit, Bhatti Mines School Project in India, Sustainable Village Water Project in Africa, the International Children’s Peace Exchange, Camp Indigo, Camp Mana, Prison Peace Project, and the One Village Project.

The Mana Project is Vanessa's new vehicle for service, centered on a 20 acre sanctuary on the Big Island growing into a thriving incubator, regenerative farm, and living classroom. The Mana Project is fertile ground for emerging visionaries with a deep calling to serve humanity.

Vanessa has also co-founded the Institute for Emerging Visionaries, inspiring young leaders who carry revolutionary visions for uplifting our world and growing global community.

Vanessa travels the world sharing her message of sustainable peace and serving a global community. Her life and work inspire individuals and communities to rise up and thrive.

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