You have been offered
every speck of creation
to realize God.

Embrace the Journey

You can be given a map for a trail that you have never walked. While it can show you the paved path to the mountain… it cannot prepare you for the true initiation, for the unspeakable beauty, the hardship, the weather, the humbling and essential learning and all the encounters with life t ...

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The Walk

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” -Carl Gustav Jung The inner visionary offers an invitation to consider unexplored possibility… to journey into uncharted territory, and to  ...

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Authenticity. Why can it sometimes feel so elusive, scary or hard to accept and allow? Perhaps, it is because authenticity is powerful, image-shattering, mysterious, raw and often the antithesis of what we have been taught to share. It can feel unacceptable, threatening and like it mi ...

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The Gift of a Human Life

When I say your life is your spiritual path, I’m referring to how absolutely incredibly phenomenal, spiritually infused, this opportunity is to be a human being.... to be alive. I’m acknowledging the opportunity that is the human experience. Breathe, slow down… Life is not  ...

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Explore the metaphor of returning to the Heart as the home… Open the door… explore this sanctuary designed to nurture and reflect the truth of your being. Receive what has always been and be received by what has always been awaiting your return. Let the fresh air enter this re ...

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As Close As Your Own Breath

When you really wake up to the gravity of being born, of experiencing a human life, you realize that there is no need to look further for phenomenon or power outside of what is already here. It is free, offered, and even designed for you… incredible. Nature is so intelligent. When reac ...

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The Sacred Vehicle

You are an incredible instrument, a sacred vehicle and a natural carrier/transmitter for the Love, the power of God… for Nature's Intelligence. Bring awareness and connection to the health of the vehicle…. to the parts that make up the basic whole… mind, body, heart, s ...

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The Human Dis-ease

To want to be someone else, be doing something else or be somewhere else… is at the root of human suffering. This is part of the human condition - the mind works in comparisons and opposites. We compare, that’s what we do. This habit keeps us protected from the power of life ...

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Beyond the realm of the soul… there is an Ocean. The place of “no other”... The Unity. The following audio recording is a 7 minute guided meditation. I invite you to set an intentional space with plenty of time to drink from the ocean of silence, stillness… return ...

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Reactive vs. Instinctual

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of embracing, studying and knowing your nature. It is a journey of returning to your most natural self and rediscovering trust in the systems of navigation within… Nature's intelligence. There is certainly a difference in the reactive &l ...

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