You have been offered
every speck of creation
to realize God.



Why can it sometimes feel so elusive, scary or hard to accept and allow?

Perhaps, it is because authenticity is powerful, 
image-shattering, mysterious, raw and often the antithesis of what we have been taught to share.  It can feel unacceptable, threatening and like it might even cause hurt.  It offers a window into our vulnerabilities and reveals the reality underneath the poised surface.


Authenticity clears the field, extends an invitation to go beyond defense and protections… it opens us to uncharted territory, new life, and deepens our connection with Self, each other and ultimately God/Life. It is genuine, respectful, intimate and nurtures freedom and true availability. 

Authenticity can be the medicine for feelings of separation… 
the journey begins with authentically facing your inner reality.... To become aware, present, attuned to what is truly alive within you, and to honor it within.   


Today, I invite you to take 20 minutes to sit in inquiry, quietly, eyes closed…

What is authentic, real and true… where is there a call to honor your awareness, inner knowing, and clarity? 

Listen, allow, trust... explore.

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