You have been offered
every speck of creation
to realize God.

Embrace the Journey

You can be given a map for a trail that you have never walked. While it can show you the paved path to the mountain… it cannot prepare you for the true initiation, for the unspeakable beauty, the hardship, the weather, the humbling and essential learning and all the encounters with life that will meet you along the way.  

Just like the trail map… the calling offers no guarantee that you will make it on your preferred route to the envisioned 

Where the journey ultimately takes you is to be revealed… can you remain willing, curious and present along the way? Malleable and receptive? Are you willing to walk into the unknown? 

It's a living map…  respond to what is at your feet, attune to the subtle, listen with all your senses, trust natural instinct, allow fear to take a backseat, stretch out in the great wide open, breathe more than you think, welcome wise intervention, and walk with open hands.   

Vision is a muse for your truth and creative power to rise… the visionary within seeks to bring wholeness and alignment with what is most natural, alive and true within you and all relations. 

Vision parts the 
veils, calls you out and asks you come alive… the outcome or destination is a revelation… step by step, moment to moment, it’s in the willingness to keep walking that offers the gift, the medicine and experiential wisdom of freedom.

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