You have been offered
every speck of creation
to realize God.

The Gift of a Human Life

When I say your life is your spiritual path, I’m referring to how absolutely incredibly phenomenal, spiritually infused, this opportunity is to be a human being.... to be alive.  I’m acknowledging the opportunity that is the human experience.

Breathe, slow down…

Life is not a race towards a pinnacle experience.

Look around you, bring your awareness to this very moment.  

This is it…

It is about the direct encounter and experience of life itself, as it is.  The power of life is always in the present… every moment is woven with the “connection” that you seek.  Deep and sacred connection to life is not elusive… yet your attention may be.

You have been offered everything….  an entire universe to explore, seen and unseen realms, the exploration of relationship, the offering of all your senses.  You are alive.  How can it get anymore phenomenal?

So what is being offered?  
And what is being sought?  

What is the unique and incredible path of life that is unfolding at your feet?   And are you present and available to receive it, or busy chasing images of what it “should” be, and mourning images of what it “should have” been?  Where is your attention?

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