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    Live for the Soul


    Vanessa's first published collection of teachings serves to stoke the fire of self-inquiry and bring deeper awareness to the spiritual journey that is Life. This book speaks authentically to the human condition: it is a tool of remembrance, offered in the spirit of contemplation.

    Vanessa’s teachings inspire the realization that there is no true separation. She shares that life itself is the spiritual path, and all beings have direct contact with what is real and alive at the heart of creation.

    Within immersion retreat settings, Vanessa often writes personalized entries in participant journals. These writings serve to stoke the fire of self-inquiry and bring deeper awareness to each individual’s intimate spiritual journey. The writings compiled in this book are excerpts from these entries.

    This book is not intended to be read cover to cover: it is arranged as a series of individual inquiries, and can be opened at random, as inspired. You can use the facing page of each inquiry to journal your own reflections as you move through the book.

    We offer you this small book of inspiration and guidance with great love, and a true wish for you to thrive.

    May you live for the Soul.
    Life is the spiritual path.

    Receive this life anew...
    the way it was intended to be...
    free from your imaginary limitations...
    an open sea of possibilities...

    The Beloved’s dream for you.

    Welcome home.

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