Vanessa shares her message with a global community, traveling and teaching in communities around the world, including:

Hawaii: on the Big Island of Hawaii, where Vanessa lives, as well as Maui and Kauai
West Coast: Northern California, the San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara, California
Southwest: Austin, Texas & Tucson, Arizona
East Coast: New York
International: India, Africa (Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa), Israel, Columbia

We hope soon to be able to accept long-standing invitations to visit communities in Oregon and Washington, and internationally in Europe and New Zealand.

We welcome your invitation to share in your community. Vanessa is deeply inspired to connect with all who are drawn to deepen in remembrance and gratitude, to embody sustainable peace and walk a path of engaged spirituality in the world...she will gladly come speak in your home, community center, yoga center, church, board room, garden or living room.

Please contact us to invite or inquire.