Feedback from the community about the impact of Vanessa's work in their hearts and lives is the most powerful testimony:

“Working with Vanessa has been the most life changing thing I have experienced. My life has become more meaningful and more fulfilling. Vanessa has helped me to find my life's purpose and to simply feel more alive.” ~ Brian Freedman, Owner & Innovator, Austin Organics

“Vanessa's meditation classes have inspired a new level of inner strength and focus for me. I now have a bird's eye view of all aspects of my business. I have developed a new relationship with my intuition, which has resulted in business decisions that have yielded innovative solutions. I have developed an ability to see what is happening below the surface which gives me a keen ability to connect with and inspire my co-workers.” ~ Patrick Kronfli, Founder, Med Mob

“Since first working with Vanessa Stone 10 years ago, my life has transformed in amazing ways. I am clearer about my unique talents and gifts, I am living with deep passion, and I feel more purposeful in all my actions. I now see difficult situations as an opportunity for growth rather than stumbling blocks, and I have the tools to navigate uncertainty. She is a truly gifted teacher." ~ Amrita Moor, Owner, Nectar Austin

“Vanessa shares a powerful, no nonsense approach to finding and keeping balance in daily life. My studies with her have supported me to access and sustain a quality of mindfulness, wellness and peace that is unshaken by external circumstances and stresses of the world. Vanessa's practical yet profound teachings have inspired excellence and success in every area of my life. My personal and professional life is now more meaningful, fulfilling, happy and productive.” ~ Gabriela Masala, Founder & Facilitator, Source Consulting

“Vanessa offers a uniquely grounded approach to her work: she is neither guru nor cheerleader, but instead simply and powerfully acts as a compassionate guide to our everyday experience and awareness. She celebrates and contextualizes what we already see, offering new understanding, and lovingly but definitively points to what it is we often overlook ~ offering a whole new way to interpret and learn from our experience. As life moves ever faster, having a way to process our experience with such a knowing guide is priceless. ” ~ Nancy Giordani, CEO & Brand Futurist, Play Big, Inc.