Vanessa’s Message Offers a Potent Invitation to Come Fully Alive...

“Your Life, exactly as it is, is the perfect prescription for the evolution of your soul. Everything happens for you, not to you... everything is for your evolution. This is an invitation to deepen into the heart of return to what is essential, redefine the purpose of this Life and realize the gift within this human experience.”

Vanessa’s teaching inspires the realization that there is no true separation, that all beings have a direct connection with what is real and alive at the heart of all matter.

Sharing and invoking the universal principles of compassion and unity, Vanessa’s profound message inspires an engaged devotional life, steeped in remembrance of the Divine, authentic connection and humanitarian service.

Vanessa offers the invitation to experience the living essence existing in the heart of the human condition, catalyzing an authentic spiritual walk and actualizing a deep and reverent Life.

“Your life, as it is, is the spiritual path. Life itself is the holy path, a rare and precious gift, complete in its offering to evolve the human being into a living, breathing state of unity. Each spiritual path is as unique as each individual. Each life is the perfect prescription for the soul that receives it.”

“You are alive. Please polish the lens of your heart so you can see what is really being offered in the human experience…so that you can be free. Those eyes, that kind of seeing…you’ll want to do nothing but give.”