"The medicine for the planet is that as individuals we choose to grow in our own love and extend it. The real invitation is to grow spiritually through service. The service work offers a space for you to thrive, a catalyst for you to grow as an individual. It is about realizing the essential human longing to give, to love, to give what we want the most, and in giving – to receive it, finally, from the Source of Love itself that lives within us."

The heart of the message and work is transformation through service. The Mana Farm is the new vehicle for the message of unity Vanessa shares in her teaching work to be lived…it is a place for experiential wisdom to be cultivated. The only ‘practice’ offered within Vanessa’s message is: Serve. Serve with a willingness to grow yourself.

Service is a means of personal evolution. Vanessa teaches 'give what you want the most.' It is a way of being, a natural response to a life that has offered everything. Vanessa’s teaching and work extends to all the profound invitation to live in loving service.

The Mana Farm

We are students of Nature, grounded in growing ourselves through serving the land and our community.  We are a small farm and sanctuary nestled into beautiful Kohala mountain on the Big Island of Hawaii.

We recognize the blessing and responsibility of stewarding land on this sacred island. We bow in honor with awareness and respect for the many generations of Hawaiian families that have farmed this land and left a legacy of sacred stewardship, spiritual/cultural wisdom and agricultural practice. It is our prayer to continue in sacred relationship with the land and to seek guidance/wisdom from our community of elders, teachers and mentors. 

 A Visionary Farm?

We have a regenerative vision. To have our daily work and devotion to growing vibrant, love-filled food and medicine continue to serve beyond the harvest. We are able to grow projects that unite diverse community, inspire young visionaries and offer mentorship for these emerging community leaders to realize the power within and actualize their visions for themselves and their world.

So to complete the circle... the Mana Project was founded, a 501c3 non-profit.

Currently, the Mana Project is just a seedling that we hope will grow into a foundational fund to support the growth and evolution of our farm, apothecary and  living classroom. We are inspired to offer transformational, experiential learning opportunities for young visionary leaders in the fields of regenerative agriculture, humanitarian service and community healing arts.

Our Humanitarian Roots...

Mana Farm is the realization of a long held prayer and vision of Vanessa Stone.  

For almost 20 years she has been working, serving and creating with a global community of youth and adults through the Amala Foundation, a non-profit humanitarian service organization she founded in 2001. She has initiated and served as lead facilitator in many transformational projects that continue to serve and grow.

Vanessa is devoted to co-create in service with community, and continue to mentor and inspire others to put voice to vision, serve creation, study nature, realize authentic freedom and live for the soul.

"I see this next chapter of my life nourishing self, other and world through homegrown, heart centered, meaningful projects and mentorships that sow transformational seeds in the heart of humanity, communities all over the world and right here at home."

The Origins of the Service Work

In 1998 Vanessa started a school for healing in Austin, Texas. This course of study included serving others, and a group assignment to serve local children soon became a thriving children’s camp. Camp Indigo has since grown to be a celebrated annual Austin experience that has served hundreds of youth in heart-centered community.

Vanessa founded the Amala Foundation in 2002, realizing the vital component of humanitarian service in the larger picture of personal and collective health. Recognizing that sustainable peace begins within, Amala was created to contribute to a peaceful, equitable and compassionate world by unifying communities in service and inspiring youth to lead with a heart-centered global perspective.

Service as a Way of Being

We practice a quality of service that is given free of expectation and attachment. We show up willing to grow and be impacted. Regardless of background, we approach one another as brother and sister, human to human. We come with undefended hearts, knowing that when our service is our spiritual practice, it catalyzes true transformation.

All of our work is designed to provide spiritual evolution and growth through service. We do this through a wide range of humanitarian projects, many focused on youth and healing the heart of war and violence. Projects are launched and sustained with an understanding that sustainable peace begins in the heart of humankind. Mana Farm is a growing sanctuary where people gather to serve, and grow through their giving.

Projects Vanessa has initiated include the Bhatti Mines School in India; the Living Water Project and Sustainable Village Project in Africa; the Peace Walk in San Quentin Prison; the Global Youth Peace Summits (in Austin, California and Kenya, soon to be in South Africa and Rwanda); Camp Indigo (now in its 18th year); Camp Mana in Hawaii (now in its 13th year); the One Village Project; Rise Up Youth Leadership Development Program; and the Institute for Emerging Visionaries.

“The result of a united community is loving service, and the support to grow within and without. When human beings authentically connect, celebrate Life, and receive what is being offered, what arises is a natural impulse to unite, to serve, to give, to love, to share in the space of communion…consciously, openly, willingly and gratefully.

There is a yearning in all of us: to contribute, to give, to serve. It is part of the human being, it is part of human nature, it is woven within you to want to engage in a service that is going to benefit not only the people you love the most, but The Whole. To finally ask How can I serve? is an awakening in itself.

This is about actualizing a life that is based upon serving the Whole…an authentic and true state of living, where our actions, our thoughts, and our relationship to the world is based on how we can give, how we can contribute, how we as human beings can live in loving consideration of the Whole.”