Teaching Offerings

Vanessa is a dynamic teacher and humanitarian leader, a visionary non-profit founder, a revolutionary facilitator and mentor, and a deeply engaged and fully alive human being who travels the world inspiring individuals and unifying communities. She shares her message of essential unity with a global community through public speaking, residential retreats, immersion experiences, apprenticeship programs, international service missions, private sessions, inspired writing, photography, visionary consulting, facilitation training, youth mentorship, and a growing body of work that weaves together inspired service and engaged spirituality. Offerings include:

Evening Sittings
Sittings are offered publicly and are an invitation to gather in authenticity and share in remembrance. These evenings of gathering in true community offer a deep space of inquiry in which to receive essential nourishment from within. Sittings are an opportunity to meet Vanessa and explore the profound invitation of realizing God through our humanity and within our everyday experience of Life.

Day Long Intensives
Intensives are an invitation to begin the walk. The teaching serves as a call to awaken to the holy offering of life as it is, and to respond through remembrance, recognition, devotion and gratitude.

Weekend Immersions
Immersions serve as a deeper call to a spiritually realized life. These weekends are often experiential in nature, sharing Vanessa’s knowledge of energetic healing and plant medicine.

Residential Retreats
Retreats are an intensive space designed to catalyze profound self-inquiry and ignite an authentic spiritual walk. Participants cultivate experiential wisdom through reflection, remembrance, devotion and gratitude. Retreats are a potent opportunity to spend intimate time with Vanessa in the heart space of community. Offerings include 5 Day Silent Retreats, 7 Day Intensives, and 10 Day Immersion Retreats like the annual Hawaii Residential Retreat.

Service Retreats
Service Retreats are a transformative opportunity to travel and serve with Vanessa. The experience is focused on the hands-on work of the service project. The inner work lies in containing everything that arises, within and without: meeting suffering directly in ourselves and our world. For five years, Vanessa has took a group to the Bhatti Mines School in India to commune with the children and the village. Future projects in Israel, Africa and Colombia are envisioned.

Apprenticeship Program
The Apprenticeship Program offers an in depth course of study in energetics, healing through the heart of God, and personal evolution. Participants are immersed in their own healing journey while learning advanced energetic and spiritual healing modalities. Through experiential learning and contemplative inquiry, class time with Vanessa offers a sacred environment in which to explore and connect to the innate source of healing within.

Year Long Program
Periodically Vanessa will offer a deeper journey over an entire year, in which a group meets for Weekend Retreats throughout the year. In the future we will also be offering a Year Long Immersion available virtually.

Specialized Retreats
From time to time Vanessa will offer retreats for specific communities, such as Retreats for Couples, Women, Men, and Families, as well as other specialized offerings focused on Contemplative Arts, Energetic Healing, and Essential Oils.

Personal Retreats
It is Vanessa's vision to eventually have a center where she can welcome those who are inspired to walk with her more deeply through a personal retreat.

Private Sessions
A Session with Vanessa is a powerful opportunity to receive direct guidance about the journey within. Vanessa offers Private Sessions in person in the communities where she teaches, and over the phone or via Skype when a meeting is not possible. Contact us to schedule.

Youth Counseling Sessions
Working with youth in one on one counseling sessions is a passion for Vanessa, and her ability to relate and speak to youth directly and honestly has served many young people navigating the challenges of maturing and coming into themselves. It is a particular inspiration of Vanessa's to work with youth who are faced with challenges arising from mental, emotional or social differences. Contact us to inquire.

Natural Alchemy Consultations
Private consultation with Vanessa (who has been a medicine maker for decades) to create a healing personal medicinal blend - an elixir, oil, or essence.

Catalyst and Peace Activist – Public Speaking
Vanessa is an active humanitarian leader and a gifted speaker, who can speak to anyone, anywhere and offer a potent universal human message, and a transmission of a deeper truth. She is available for keynote speaking engagements for conferences, peace summits, special events and relevant gatherings of adults or youth. Her inspirational speaking and authentically charismatic presence make for a riveting, life-altering engagement. For inquiries please contact us.

The Art of Inspired Facilitation – Facilitator Training
Vanessa offers talks and immersion trainings for Inspired Facilitation, teaching individuals and groups the Art of Inspired Facilitation, including in-depth immersion in learning the art of engaged facilitation with an emphasis on leading conscious and potent group process. Participants have the opportunity to cultivate wisdom through experience while deepening their personal study and practice of presence, consciousness and Self Inquiry.

Awakened Educator – Teacher Training
Vanessa accepts invitations into school settings to inspire educators and help schools re-vision their education paradigm. This offering is focused on illuminating educators about the impact and transformation that occurs when educators engage deeply in their own personal growth through the medium of teaching. Teachers who are deeply committed to their own personal transformation enliven their students by their very presence and example, bringing a greater depth of awareness and potential to their classrooms. Please contact us to inquire.

Embodied Leadership – Youth Mentorship
Through her 15 years of humanitarian leadership Vanessa has come to serve as a powerful mentor to youth, sharing and inspiring through visionary facilitation and direct mentorship, birthing new leaders who carry new visions for our world.

Emerging Visionary Mentorship
Vanessa offers personal mentorship opportunities to emerging visionaries, helping uncover and discover what is at the heart of inspired vision and what it takes to realize and actualize the soul's vision in the world.

Visionary Consulting Work
Vanessa her Visionary Consulting work to individuals, small groups, businesses and organizations, serving as a powerful catalyst to clarity, embody and actualize your visions. Contact us to inquire about hiring Vanessa as a consultant.

Please visit our Calendar for a complete listing of upcoming events with Vanessa. If you would like to invite Vanessa to offer a Sitting or Retreat in your home or community, or if you would like to invite her to speak at your workshop, meeting or conference, please contact us.