Study Groups

Live for the Soul Study Groups

We encourage you to form or find a study group in your area to inspire ongoing deepening and expansion in these teachings. We suggest you meet regularly, to explore and share what moves you. While the book serves as a touchstone to remembrance in any moment, there is also great potency in witnessing and being witnessed through connecting with community. We invite you to experience the power of sharing and exploring these teachings with others to expand perspectives, accelerate personal and collective awareness, and inspire soul to soul relating.

Suggestions for Study Group Structure

Live for the Soul study groups can be started by anyone who is reading the book and utilizing it to deepen their own practice of inquiry and remembrance. We suggest that each meeting focus on a specific series of a few entries. We also request that each meeting begin and end with centering in Presence, which may include following the breath and sitting in silence for a few minutes…a simple return to remembrance, becoming available to Grace.

Suggested Guidelines

The following guidelines are meant to inspire a context for authentic sharing, witnessing, and community connection. Study groups should be emotionally safe and compassionate spaces. Participants share a mutual understanding and exploration that there is only One Relationship, and relations within the group are based upon this context. Participants are asked to recognize themselves and each other as faces of God appearing for mutual benefit and in service of the growth and evolution of the Soul.

  1. Study groups should be free of charge, or by donation only to pay for rental of a meeting space.
  2. While various participants may take the lead in facilitating the movement of the circle, all who gather participate on an equal level, and there is no 'teacher.' The book and study groups are meant to point each person back to their own inner Teacher, to deepen the relationship with Source within.
  3. While listening and sharing, hold the space of the witness, neutral and receptive, resting in the remembrance of God.
  4. All participants attending a study group are given a list of these guidelines and agree to honor them prior to participation.

Study Group Contact

Please contact us to form a group, or if seeking a group with which to study. May peace and blessings be upon you.